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Profile Name Change after 2.5 years of working on Upwork

I want to change my profile name. I had worked for more than two years on Upwork, but it was imperative to change my first name due to some personal reasons. I have legally completed the name change procedure in my country. I have tried to change my name on my Upwork profile, but I guess the process isn't finished yet.
I request the admin team to guide me on this matter. Your help will be appreciated.


Hi Mahnoor,


I can see that you've already updated your name on Upwork. Note that you may need to update your payment methods as well so that they reflect the same name as on your Upwork account. You may check out this help article to learn more.

~ Luiggi

Thanks for replying Luiggi,

I'll update my payment method. Will there be a verification call after updating my payment method or anything like that? Or I'll just have to update my payment method and it's done. 

Please guide me about that as well.



Hi Mahnoor,


If there's any need for verification, the team will reach out to you directly to let you know.

~ Luiggi
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