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Profile Overview Comments?

Hi everyone! I know you're all probably very busy, but if you have a moment and/or would like to take a small break, would you mind looking at my profile overview blurb and providing feedback? I recently took part in an Upwork webinar where it was mentioned that you could ask this sort of thing here in the community.



Here's the text in case you don't feel like going to my profile:


"I have 4 years of experience with academic and research writing, copy editing, and creative writing. My background has given me a strong eye for detail, sense of technical and creative quality, and ability to work quickly in both independent and collaborative settings. My schedule and workload capabilities are flexible, so I am available for both short- and long-term projects.


For whatever type of written work you may need my assistance with, I am eager and ready to work with you. I look forward to hearing from you!"



Thanks in advance. 🙂


I like it Katherine, wish you much success!!!



I wish for you 



Katherine, you only have 1 portfolio item, and it is your college thesis.


I want to see 5 more portfolio items which you yourself create, specifically for your profile, demonstrating different types of services that you are able to provide to clients.


If you intend to edit, rather than write original pieces, for your clients, then you will need to provide before/after samples.


This may mean that you need to find unedited writing from people which edit. You will obtain their permission to post both versions in portfolio pieces. A single portfolio piece will contain the original and the edited version, side-by-side.


You may need to do this work for free, OFF UPWORK, in order to get pieces to post.


You could ask people you know to write articles or business letters or something, and then you can edit their work. You could even hire people on Upwork to write original pieces for you, and then edit their work.


Establishing a profile and portfolio on Upwork can take work.


You absolutely may *wait* until people hire you, and then ask them if you can post their original and edited work to your porfolio.


You do *not* need to be proactive about this.


But you should understand while you are waiting to get jobs and slowly accumulate profile pieces, many of your competitors are proactively creating profile pieces, and because they do so, they are getting jobs and earning money from clients who otherwise would have picked you.

I don,t think so that portfolio matters or a series of tests.  They all mean nothing  . The only things that matters is luck .

I have taken 6 tests and also have a very good portfolio but  to me  you will get job if you are lucky becaue every


body is a hard worker on upwork.

Good luck with that, Umer.

I second that Umer (Preston's statement, "Good luck with that.").

Ron aka LanWanMan

I wish to good luck 


I like it 

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