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Profile Photo Update - Quality Issue

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André B Member Since: Aug 20, 2009
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About three weeks ago I got a message from UpWork indicating that they had reviewed my profile, and were offering a suggestion:


"Upload a professional-looking photo with a clear, nicely cropped picture of your headshot framed in the center."


I happened to like my profile photo, but being a good freelancer who absolutely loves this community I decided to act on the recommendation. I went out and paid a professional photographer to take some photos, ensuring that I got one that complied with UpWork recomendations (headshot, good background, smile). I got two very crisp, professional, high quality photos which I loved, and which conformed perfectly to the guidelines.


Today I uploaded one of those photos, only to have UpWork reduce the quality so significantly that it looked blurry. So I tried the second photo, hoping it would look better. It didn't. When uploaded to my UpWork profile, my awesome photos which I loved very much, looked like they were taken by an amateur.


On reviewing other profiles, I noted that pretty much everyone's profile photo was very low quality. And thinking about it, this issue probably existed for as long as UpWork has been around. But now I'm slightly peeved because I paid good money to comply with UpWork policy, only to have the quality of what I got reduced to the point where it defeated the purpose of getting a professional photo.


While I understand the need to recude the quality of photos to save storage space, and to improve page load times, I think UpWork can increase the image quality so that our profiles look more professional.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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On the bright side, you can use your photo for other purposes. Also, it was not a complete waste. Your photo started out great, and Upwork down sampled it to not as great.

That is better than starting out with a mediocre photo and having Upwork down sample it to less than mediocre.
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Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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Resize your photo and you can do it in even in Paint. Save file in JPG and PNG. Then upload it to your profile.