Profile Review

Hello Everyone,

I've signed up on Upwork and i recived an email this morning. The email had the following content and thus i assumed my profile was finally active. It's still not active, how much time can i expect more? Also can anyone explain is this an actual approval or just a mere formality?

Email from Upwork


I doubt your profile will be approved.


It makes no sense.


You claim in your profile title to be an "article writer" and you claim you are a native or bilingual English language speaker, which is clearly not true.


But your listed skills are in graphics and web design, not writing.


You have absolutely no portfolio items listed. Nobody who is really a writer OR a graphic artist or web designer would post a profile page without portfolio items. This means you are none of these things.


And your profile page is written for a team of people, not an individual, which is completely wrong.


In you post you demonstrate you don't even know how to capitalize "I" (the first-person personal pronoun). Which is something most of us learn by First Grade.


Rather than offering a "money back guarantee", it save tim if you simply didn't post a profile on Upwork or attempt to use the website in any way.



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Hi Ibrahim,

I just shared this with our team, they will investigate it further. Our team will contact you directly with more detail information about the status on your account.

~ Goran