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Profile Review

Hi fellow freelancers!

I would really appreciate your review of my profile.

Any tips or tricks to land my first translation job and how to filter the good ones will be welcomed. Thanks! Smiley Very Happy


Hi Cindy

Wellcome to oDesk!
I've looked at your profile, and while I'm a graphic designer, I still think I have a few tips to share.
First, I understand that you have a unique skill set as a Lawyer, but you provide Translation services, so highlight that in your first sentence in the profile overview.
See who's your competition, by searching the freelancers profiles. Note how they stand out from the rest.

You can always search the internet for tips as well as this forum.

The Translation market sees a lot of low budget jobs, so know how to sell yourself and present your skills, to compete for the higher paying jobs.


Good luck! 🙂