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Semion C Member Since: Apr 6, 2012
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The clients on oDesk(I'm pretty sure) are often unhappy because of declined invitations to interviews or even ignored invitations. At the same time many freelancers do not receive(or receive rarely) invitation only because, they don't have many reviews or portfolio jobs etc(although they may be good developers), and employer can't see his profile in search results I think it would be great idea to assign to contractor profiles statuses, for example: "Free", "Busy", "Idle for a long time". So that when an employer searches for contractors, they first sees those contractors who have no ongoing jobs, it will be easier to find a qualified contractor, who in his turn needs job Say Joe has 100 reviews and $20/hr rate, but he has an open contract, then he should be placed in search results after Shiraz who has 10 reviews, $10/hr rate and rating>4, and who has no ongoing contracts.
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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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I have to disagree. oDesk isn't about giving everyone a fair chance. It's up to the freelancer to get themselves noticed. I have a lot of ongoing jobs, but most of these come back to me every month or so with a small add-on job. With your proposed system I would be sitting and waiting around for work until others built up their profiles to the same level as mine. It may sound selfish, but I didn't come here to help people along, I came to build up my online business by hard work and flawless reputation and earn money from it. For me. And anything that punishes someone for gaining status and reputation is just not on.
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Natacha R Member Since: Aug 2, 2010
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[quote=Stephen B.] And anything that punishes someone for gaining status and reputation is just not on.[/quote]