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Florence C Member Since: Feb 1, 2015
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Good day! I am Florence, a newbie.


Why is it that when I am trying to apply for new job, it says I have to wait for 48 hours until my profile is reviewed and approved 


Why is this so? 



Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Florence, you asked why you were asked to wait 48 hours...


If you just barely created a new account, oDesk staff still needs time to check your account and profile and make sure that it is appropriate for oDesk.


This is normal. Every new profile is reviewed before being released and allowed to bid on jobs. They will check to make sure that you posted a real photo of yourself (and not a cartoon avatar or tree or company logo, etc.)


And they will check to make sure that you wrote something in the profile overview text... a short description of who you are as a contractor.