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Profile View & Job Application & Interview

Hello Nice people,
Hope you are doing great. I am kind of new in Upwork ( 2m 7d approx.). Within this short period, I have applied for 182 jobs & received only 4 interview invitations & 3 jobs only. Seems a pretty disappointing figure, right? Moreover, my Profile View Section is declining gradually. No. of views on 17/05, 24/05, 31/05, 07/06 were 7,1,3,0 respectively. Other disappointing figures.
However, I have already changed my profile twice based on opinions delivered by experts of this community & regular apply for jobs. What should I really do? Are these things normal or what? Please help me out.
Thanks & Regards
Sushanta Choudhury.

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Hi, I think it is harder to get a job these days. I have been here for a long time. And experience the same.
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