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Profile Visibility

Over the past couple of days I've started to post on the community boards about profile visibility.  It seems there is an ongoing issue with Upwork and algorithms.  I am a top rated plus freelancer with 100% JSS and 866 jobs under my belt.  I used to get 10+ invitations a day, from November it tailed off to zero.  Despite contacting Upwork about 20 times about this, I've got nowhere.  The first time I contacted support I was told there was an issue with my profile and 3 weeks later it was "fixed", but it wasn't.  The next time I contacted support I was given a very standard response (told to set my profile to public, publish other profiles etc) nothing I didn't know about and it seemed the agent didn't even bother to look at my profile as I'd already done all of the above.  The only thing I don't do is project catalog because it never worked for me.  The past couple of weeks it's got worse than ever and I've resorted to spending money on proposals and getting nowhere.  I know there's a problem, I've had members search for me and not find me (not search my name - why would a potential client know I exist)?  My question is, has anyone got anywhere with this issue or are many of us in the same boat?  My second question is, why should we then bother?

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I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulty with profile visibility on Upwork despite being a top-rated freelancer. I can understand how frustrating this can be, especially if you have contacted Upwork multiple times without receiving a satisfactory resolution.

It's possible that your profile is not being shown to clients due to changes in Upwork's algorithms, as you mentioned. However, it's also possible that there are other factors at play, such as changes in the demand for your specific skill set or competition from other freelancers.

Regarding your first question, it's difficult to say whether others have had success with resolving similar issues with Upwork. However, it may be worth reaching out to other top-rated freelancers in your industry to see if they have experienced similar issues and if they have any suggestions for improving profile visibility.

Regarding your second question, I would suggest that you continue to put in effort to improve your profile and submit proposals, as there are still clients on Upwork who may be a good fit for your skills and experience. It may be worth trying new strategies for improving your profile visibility, such as adding new skills or keywords to your profile, updating your portfolio or work history, or participating in Upwork's community forums or events.

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I believe most of us are in the same boat. Pure conjecture on my part, but I would say the following factors are contributing to the decline in profile views, job hires and invites:


Addition of 2+ million freelancers to Upwork's platform over the past 3-months to 1-year30%
One or more designed, planned algorithm changes that negatively impact most freelancers, including Top-Rated and Top-Rated Plus.29%
An unknown technical issue affecting many freelancers that Upwork is trying to work through. Upwork will probably never disclose this type of issue now or after it is fixed--if it is ever fixed16%
Clients are more cautious and taking much longer to spend, as Upwork has noted in their most recent financial forecasts for 202314%
The evolution of AI-powered tools and their use. Upwork acknowledges that some clients encourage AI because it reduces client costs7%
Something else4%


I accept some of that - but to go down to zero invitations from receiving 10+ daily and my profile is invisible in searches the obvious answer is that there's an algorithm that's affecting freelancers.  I mean really, it's crazy and I'm also a client on Upwork as I sometimes need design work for my own private clients.  I also suspect that Upwork want to monetize even more so they're forcing freelancers to buy connects.  Meanwhile, I've noticed that support is really poor now, it used to be super-responsive and with agents who want to help but now, agents just spout standard responses to everything.  I am questioning if it's worth the pain...

The drop in invitations you describe seems like a combination of things. I think algorithm changes are the biggest culprit in your case and that has apparently dropped your profile deep in the search ranks or completely outside of them. I just searched for you using two popular skills tags: SEO Writing and Copywriting, and your profile did not show in the first 20 pages for either. Then again, that may change over the next few days.


I also suspect that Upwork want to monetize even more so they're forcing freelancers to buy connects.

Those suspicions are valid. In fact, I think the addition of Connects, the Boosting feature, and several algorithm changes are all concerted efforts by Upwork to get more money from freelancers. The idea, in my opinion, is to help lessen the pain they experience when client-spend drops. In other words, it's easier for Upwork to squeeze more out of freelancers than it is to bring in new, paying clients.


Meanwhile, I've noticed that support is really poor now, it used to be super-responsive and with agents who want to help but now, agents just spout standard responses to everything.

Upwork lost $89.9 million U.S. dollars in 2022. That's a lot of cash, and suspect there were job losses during that time. With job cuts and the influx of millions of new freelancers, I can imagine they're struggling to meet demand across all facets of business.


I am questioning if it's worth the pain...

Based on your profile, you are a seasoned professional with a successful history on Upwork, but I will tell you the same thing I've told several newcomers: hang on and keep trying. The platform needs experienced freelancers like you, and the pain won't last forever.

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Good explain.

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Kudos just for the use of the table!

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Never in my time here I had to Waste 70 USD in buying connects. I say waste because I have got barely a single response. So, sadly, you are not alone in that problem.

I am with you Lucio, I totally understand, are you starting to think what's the point?

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Oh noo sorry about that!. But, I think you should consider buying some membership connects that may lead to your profile visible to the publics or should consider taking note of the following; NOTE:

It may take up to 1 week for your profile to stop/start appearing in search engine results if you have changed your profile visibility settings. If you have changed your profile visibility from Public to Only Upwork Users or Private and are still appearing in Google search results, you can put in a manual request by using the

Google search console 

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Emma, you are not alone. I have been facing the same experience. Profile views are decreased, number of invitations have become at the bottom than those of previously. I think a lot of us having the same issue for last six months. 

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