Profile Work History and Feedback in Public

Hi Upworkers,


This is my first time to post question here, hope there's someone can enlighten me about this matter.


Why does the Work History and Feedback are not ALL publicly visible? Is it only me? My profile visibility is set to PUBLIC. When I tried to view my profile link as others see it, all my Work History and Feedbacks are visible. However, when you view it in another browser/logout, only few of my work history shows? Is this will depends of the job posted?? I thought Work History and Feedbacks are publicly visible and only the portfolios are not viewable in public (means not login).


Please anyone can explain it to me?



Kris N.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kris,


Please note that by design a reduced profile overview is displayed to logged out users and that's why you're not seeing all of your completed contracts listed in your Work History.