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Profile completeness issue

Hello guys, my profile is showing only 85% complete, even though I added employment history, portfolio and education, but only my skills, overview and profile picture are checked as completed. What else can I do to get 100% complete?


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That is strange. Your Employment History, Education and Portfolio are shown when viewing your profile.


Hopefully, one of the Upwork Moderators will assist.


You may want to quickly read through this: 100% Complete Freelancer Profile to see if something else is missing.

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Thank you for your answer anyway, Clark! 

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Strange! I faced some glitches on my profile too with job badges. You can talk to support.

Thank you for the reply Tofayel! I'll do it

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Add certifications and a Project Catalog and see if that gets you to 100%. Have a great day!

I'll do this, have a great day William, thanks!

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