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Profile completion if dont have Certification

Hi All,

I have not done any certification yet, Upwork is asking me to add CertificationMy Profile is 95% completed yet, how can i make it 100%

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Hi Shahryar,

Thanks for your message. Please check this helpful article on how to Create a 100% Complete Freelancer Profile.

~ Jo-An

Community Member

Hello Shahryar,

If you do not want to add certificates, then you can try these. I hope these things will help you to complete your profile 100%.

Add Linked Account +10% (max 10%)
Add Additional Employment History +10% (max 30%)
Add Portfolio item +5% (max 10%)
Add Other Experience +5% (max 5%)
Take Skill Test +10% (max 30%)

Follow this link:



Md Arafat

Hi! i ahve been taking  the skill test repeatedly but it is not helping with the completion, since the first test, I never recieved any percentage. could it be that there is something wrong with my account?

Hi Frederick,


You might want to check this help article for other options you can do to get your profile to 100%. Please let us know if you need further help.

~ Joanne

Thank you for this answer, it really helped me understand how to keep my profile at 100%!

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