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Profile costimization

Hi I made a profile about two or three months agoo, i dont get veru good views so can somebody look at my profila an give me some advice... Thanks

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I assume you mean you do not get many views. The number of views are no indication for the quality of your profile but your cover letters. Make sure your cover letters are without typos and directed to the posted jo.

If you want to improve you profile, you should:

  • correct the typos
  • take some test
  • increase your hourly rate


Thanks for the fast answer, also im scared ti increse hourly rate becouse maybe then i will have less jobs

No, right now your rate reflects the to expected quality of your work. Have a look at the rates from other people in your field and from your country. I thing even $16 would be very low. You will also have a hard time increasing your rate late on because you have a history of lowpaid jobs.

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You have a lot of jobs in progress, so I'm not sure what you're worried about.


Change you skill title to Video Editor and Animator (use capitalization). Photoshop can be indicated elsewhere as one of the software programs you use. "Photoshop Designer" isn't really a thing and doesn't mean anything.


No need to say "hi my name is ..." clients can see your name right there at the top. Use that space more to your benefit.


And yes, as suggested,  raise your rates. If you don't want to do it all at once, do it gradually. But at least double it to $12. Your rate is way to low for that kind of work.

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