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Profile doesn't comes up in search and wrong profiles get on tope in client account

Dear Upwork Team ! I have two accounts one client and freelancer. I tried to serach talent for my work and accroding to word I typed. No reuslt is founded. I feeld like you forcing me to put money to wrong prfoiles and destroy my funds. I tried to even search my profile but don't comes in list I see otehr son top. It don't giving me good results. It is because we will not put money on your webiste force. I know It can be mistake. But give me solution.

No profile showup in search even the profiles whose single keyword deosn't match neither skill match comes on top. In my thinking of negativity about them It becomes unloyal now and start working on a system where they putting top freelancers on top and others down forever. I don't blaming it. But I seen that.

I really angry, frutsrated, crazy and having too much negativity about your platform now. But I still with you. So, Please help me 🙂


Aditay Sharma

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I'm not sure what you mean by wrong profiles, but your profile shows in search results. I used one of your main Skill Categories/Keywords: (Blender) and Location: India. Your profile appeared on page 32 for this search, but it might appear earlier during another search.



The results even placed Blender first, but Blender is not the first skill category listed in your profile skills list.

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What he probably means is profiles that don't share similar skills are placed before his while doing a "client account" search. 

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Ahh, I see. Yes--that happens a lot.


I was under my freelancer account for the search mentioned, but I just performed the same search with my client account, and his profile is in the same spot.

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