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Profile hide for other freelancer

Hi, Up-work.

I'm a freelacer and I want to hide my profile for any other freelancer. That means any other freelancer can not see my Profile. any client can see but any freelancer just like me can not see my profile..

I want to do that. IS that any chance to do that..???

Please let me know and guid me that how to do..

Thanks in advance.


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As I know, you can't achieve this. There is no option to show your profile to all the clients and hide it for all freelancers.

There are three options on UpWork for profile visibility which is:

  1. Public: Your profile is visible to the general public and will show up in search engine results
  2. Upwork Users Only: Only logged in Upwork users will see your profile
  3. Private: Your profile will not appear in search results on Upwork or search engines. It will not be visible via a direct link for non-Upwork users. Upwork users who have a direct link to your profile will see limited information. Clients you have worked with or submitted a proposal to will see your full profile.

I think the best option for you is to use the Private mode.

You can change your Profile Visibility on the UpWork homepage (click on the Find Work link under Find Work on the header navigation). Find for Visibility in the sidebar and edit it. 

I hope it helps.

If you don't want someone to see something, don't put it online.


It does not make sense to try to block one individual (or block ONLY freelancers) from seeing your profile page. I could look at your profile page and send a copy of it to that individual. Anyone who is a client might also be a freelancer.


Upwork is not intended as a tool for hiding information. It is intended as a tool for maximizing a freelancer's exposure to potential clients. So blocking people from seeing our profile pages (which are our online billboards) isn't really at the heart of what the system is all about.

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Anant M wrote:

any client can see but any freelancer just like me can not see my profile..



Anant M wrote:

IS that any chance to do that..???

No, there is no chance to do that.

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