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Profile is taking soooo lonnnnngggggg to load

Hey guys,

Ever had this problem on Upwork today? I already tried everything that I could from the answers that I found on previous community discussions but there is just nothing that works on my end. 

I wonder why though. I mean, the other pages of the site works perfectly fine but I just couldn't get to my profile.


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I'm currently having a similar problem, it seems to be a general issue. Hopefully they resolve it as soon as possible.

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Hello, I have been trying to upload a more suitable profile picture in order to complete my identity verification, however my profile page seems to keep loading and never appears.

Clicking on the "Update your photo" link just brings me to the same page. Switching browser and clearing the cookie cache do not change anything either.

I uploaded a screenshot of the page below. I'd love to get this issue resolved as soon as possible so I can finish the identity verification process. Thank you.


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My profile page is loading forever. I received a paymenet within last hour, then I wanted to check if it appeard on my profile page, but suddenly my profile page is not loading. (not loading on my phone application either)

I tried cleaning cashe, and a different browser, also tried different internet connection, but it is not working.

My friend's account is working normally, I searched for my account in his talent search bar, and my account appeard and can see my own profile.

In the attached screenshot, you can see from the drop down list of "Find Work" that there is a white page in front of it. (In case this can help finding the problem.)

Thank you in advance,


Kind Regards,


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I can't view my profile page. I've tried different browsers and clearing the cache data / cookies for Upwork, but nothing is working. Can someone pelase assist?

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Community Manager

Hi Claire,


I checked this for you and I can see your profile. Could you please share a screenshot of what you're seeing when you go to your profile page?


Thank you! 



~ Bojan

Hi there,
I have the same issue. The profile page keeps loading when you are logged in.

Best regards,
Adrian D.



Hi All,


We apologize for the inconvenience this caused. We'll have one of our agents reach out to you directly via support tickets and further assist you.


We appreciate your patience while our team is looking into fixing this issue.

~ Bojan

My profile won't load, no matter how long I wait. I tiried different browsers and tried clearing cookies and everything, but it still won't load. If I log off it will load with no problem but as soon as I sign in it won't so please help me

I am facing the same problem. My profile is not loading on browsers or mobile app. I can view my profile once I log out.

I'm having the same problem. This is ridiculous.


Whenever I click view profile from the dashboard or my profile from the settings menu, the profile keeps loading forever. This is happening for the past hour.

I cleared the cookies and cache. Tried to open the profile page from the mobile app. But the same thing keeps happening. FYI, I can see my profile page if I log out and just browse.

After checking the console log it shows error codes 403 & 404.

If anyone knows what's up, please kindly offer your help.

I just got started on upwork. First of all profile page not even loading now and says it doesn't exist. I cleared cache and history. Also tried on different browsers. Browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Opera. Still no go. Also it won't let me change my name on the profile. Any solutions?


I have the same issue. My profile section is not loading and although I tried to access it from a few devices, I keep having the same problem.

I would appreciate any help.



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Please see the screenshot attached. Although it magically loaded for me just now so maybe it was a one-time loading error?


Claire M. 

**Edited for community guidelines**

Thanks for letting us know that the issue has been fixed, Claire. If you need any further help, please let us know. 

~ Joanne
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Hello, same issue here! All pages are loading fine except my profile page, can't seem to access it, tried clearing cache and cookies, tried different browsers and devices, but still not loading. What to do?

Same here; profile page won't load. It also looks like my reports page hasn't updated to show the latest milestone assigned either.

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Well looks like they fixed it, lol

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Does somebody else have the problem that their profile url only doesn't load. The entire website functions normally, but I can't see my profile. This happened just now after accepting a new job from a client. I deleted cache and cookies and tried from different browsers. I can access the link and see my porfile when i'm not logged in, but when I'm logged in, it doesn't load. 

yes as of today im facing the same problem

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I'm also having the same issue— just the green loading circle. It doesn't matter which browser I use, and even the app does not load it. 

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I am having the same problem with my profile. I cleared my cache and cookies and tried logging in with another browser but the problem still persists. Please help.



Profile now working. Thanks

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I can not load my profile. other pages (find work, report, message...) are loaded.

Try restarting your PC, refreshing your browser, opening it from another device and/or cleaning your cache/cookies. If none of this works, submit a support ticket.

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I'm having the same issue here.
I can log in but my profile takes forever to load and doesn't load at the end

Hi All,


We just got the information from our engineers that this issue has been fixed. If you still have an issue accessing your profile please try clearing your cache and cookies or logging in with another browser. Feel free to reach back to us and let us know if the issue persists.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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