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Profile page updates for active contracts.



I have an active hourly contract that is listed among other active contracts on my profile page, however it is not being updated. There are no hours worked recorded, and my work history # of jobs total is one less than it should be. My work diary and the time tracking app show that my time is being captured properly, so it appears to be just an issue with the profile page. I have another hourly contract that started on the same day and it shows up correctly on the profile page.


Any ideas on the issue & how to solve it will be appreciated!





They assumably batch reports for performance reasons. It will update. As long as it shows in the work diary. 

Ok then, I'll just sit tight & wait for it to update. It is showing in work diary, so I'm not way concerned. Thank you for taking the time to respond!

Daniel T.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Daniel, 

I just manually generated your profile and all three active contracts is showing up yon your profile already. 

~ Avery

Ok, I guess it just updated. Still learning the flow & timing of the UW site. Thanks so much for checking in! Much appreciated. Smiley Happy

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