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Profile ranking low?

Has anyone experienced randomly being ranked lower in Upwork as a freelancer?


I'm a videographer who's been using Upwork for quite a while, I have 100% job completetion rating, I'm in the Expert Vetted program and have 5-star ratings across the board. I used to be ranked near the top when you searched for videographers in my area, but I randomly got placed near the bottom of other videographers, some of which haven't even been active on Upwork for over a year. I'd love to hear others thoughts/opinions. Thanks!

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It is normal. Your 100 dont matter anymore, newbies or bots also promoted. In short, sorting is random now.

I have not so bad profile too, but able to find myself with filters only. Or from 20-30th page.

You can buy "Available now" bage, it will improve your ranking a liitle. 

Im think Upwork plan to add paid ranking for search, like boosting. Want to be found - must pay.

Dang. You'd think they'd prioritize people who have high ratings and have been on the platform for a while. 

Dear , 100 % job sucess donot mattter on profile search algorithim the profiles appears randamly 

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Hi Perry,


While your job completion rating, Expert Vetted program status, and 5-star ratings are all important factors, the algorithm may also consider your recent activity, response time, and other factors that are not immediately visible. Additionally, Upwork is constantly updating and improving its search algorithm, which could lead to changes in rankings over time.


Here are a few suggestions to potentially improve your ranking:


Make sure your profile is complete, up-to-date, and showcases your skills effectively. Add new projects, update your portfolio, and make sure your profile is polished. Regularly engage with the platform by submitting proposals, completing jobs, and maintaining a healthy response rate to new invitations. Encourage clients to leave feedback after you've completed a job for them, as this can help improve your reputation on the platform. Make sure you're targeting a specific niche in videography, and tailor your profile to attract clients in that area. This can help you stand out from the competition. Use relevant keywords in your profile title, overview, and skills section to ensure your profile appears in relevant search results.


Keep in mind that fluctuations in rankings are normal on platforms like Upwork. If you consistently deliver high-quality work and maintain a strong profile, you should see improvements over time. You can also reach out to Upwork's support team to inquire about your ranking and ask for any specific advice they may have.

Got it. Thanks for the reply. I guess the take away is to just keep making good work and getting good reviews. I reached out to upwork so hopefully they have some insight. 

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Any news, Perry? ðŸ˜…

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Hello I am Muhammad, I am working on Upwork platform over 15 yeas, I am Graphics and Website designer and developer 

I am Top_Rated Plus but since last month my job success ranking is going lower.

I give response on time to anyone.

Could you please suggest me? 


Thank you 

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