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Profile switched to private in the middle of a job -- this is not appropriate!


I have been on Upwork a couple of months and finally, after sending out many, many proposals, I have landed a contract. Now I am in the middle of that contract and have had my profile automatically switched to "private" because I haven't "earned." News flash -- I am in the middle of "earning!" Please change my profile status back to public immediately, and review this policy as well. It's ridiculous to have your profile made invisible while you are in the middle of a job, which means making money for both myself AND for Upwork. Right?

Note: The "contact customer service" link on the profile visibility button did not work -- it just led me into the Upwork knowledge base, which is why I am posting this here. Contacting customer service directly has not been possible through the links I can see.


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Hi Allison,

I’ve reset your profile visibility back to public, you're now seen from search results. To give you a brief context -- freelancers with no earnings in 30 days will have their profile set to private (locked) automatically. To avoid this, you can resume earnings on a new contract, which it sounds like you are or upgrade your membership to the Plus plan. Please note that even when your profile is private, you can continue sending proposals and applying to jobs.

You can check out more info about this here.


Thank you -- yes, I am aware of the policy. My point is, it is not appropriate to switch someone's profile to private because they are "not earning," when they are literally in the process of earning, as in, working on a contract.


It took me a very long time and a lot of proposals submitted in order to land that first contract, so having my profile shut off almost as soon I landed that contract, because I was "not earning," seemed really inappropriate to me.


Thanks again for fixing my account status and for taking my feedback into consideration.

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