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Profile update

Hey, Everyone


I've managed to land a couple of gigs, so I don't think my profile is that bad. That said, my former description felt somewhat too wordy.

So I've replaced both my general profile and specialised profile with something more concise.

I was just wondering if I could get a second opinion on it.



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It looks fine, but people may think you're an agency, because clients refer to you as both male and female.

Hey, Robert.


Ye, that male female thing is a bit awkward isn't it?

My name unfortunately rhymes with African American girl names like Towanda and Lashanda. So Americans almost always asume I'm female at first.

I generally correct them. The only feedback that refers to me as "she" at the moment was made by a client with whom things didn't end well. Asking them to change the pronouns might be an awkward conversation.


Thanks for the feedback by the way.

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