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Profile views drop

Hello, today I noticed that my stats is showing 0 views for this week and the past weeks. Is there any bug?

Thank you in advance, Flavia


Tom Z wrote:

Same issue here today...

It's a bug.


0 views.jpg

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Thank you Avery --- I thought I was doing pretty bad... I was getting about 20 views a week and 2 to 3 proposals. Back in Jan - May, I was getting 100 or 150 a week and 5 to 15 proposals a day. Is it because I'm not using the Specialized Profile feature?

A great question that I'd like to understand as well! I've had a steady flow of work and money in the processes since the beginning of the year. The first of June and during the Profile View issues new projects have dropped to "0", even with a 98% success rating. I can't' seem to land any more work though upwork all of a sudden. 


Looking for some guidance from upwork...

My exact situation Tom B. Glad I'm not the only one. I thought something was wrong with my profile. It just seemed something is off.

Thank you for your remarks Tom Z!  Yes, it is a bit perplexing for me. As with other freelancers, I've invested a lot of time building my profile, generating samples, bidding on projects and maintaining a good job success rate - it's all very important to me. I don't understand the sudden drop to zero projects and no response on my bids. The process seemed to be working well for me prior to the site changes in July.


I'm hoping that an admin can chime in to help enlighten us with these concerns, so we can get back to work... 😉

Hi Tom B. and Tom Z.,


I checked your accounts and don't see any issues that would prevent you from receiving invites or offers. All your proposals are also delivered to the clients. 

Many freelancers have noted on these boards that they would have periods of time when they get a lot of invites and offers followed by periods with fewer invites. Some of it could be attributed to seasonality. Also, please note that freelancer search results are rotated to make sure more freelancer get a fair chance to be discovered by clients.



~ Valeria

Hi Valeria, I have the exact same issue, had this during March as well. A bit concerned as connects aren't free anymore. I use to get a ton of responses from proposals, invites etc. 

Hi SD,


I checked your account and I can see that your profile visibility was set to private. I`ve already updated it back to public and you will appear in search results again. If you have any additional questions let me know, thank you.

~ Goran

Thank you, appreciate it. 

This.  so much this.  @Mark F.  this is clearly something "a lot" of people are experiencing. Smiley Tongue


Dammit Mark, you had me half convinced I was going around the bend.  I had a shrink on speed-dial.


Tom, you're not alond bud.  There are at least a few veteran, top-rated freelancers, in a variety of fields who seem to be having the same issue.  Everything hunkey-dorey then sudden nosedive in hires.


step 1. go over your profile with a fine-tooth comb and polish it up (because it can't hurt)


step 2.  join the others of us who are trying to find a solution to this.  


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I have the same problem. I have no views. Please check my profile.

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Community Manager

Hi Alena, profile views in My stats reflect the number of distinct people who have viewed your profile tile in search results. That number may change from time to time depending on how often your profile is discovered. Please note that freelancer search results are rotated to make sure more freelancers get a fair chance to be discovered by clients. We aren't aware of any issues with that metric at the moment.

Thank you!

~ Bojan
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how do you see those stats? I could never find out (up to now) if my profile is being viewed at all. Thanks

UW home page > Find Work > My Stats

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