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Re: Profile views stats

Community Guru
Lisa W Member Since: Nov 14, 2015
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I'm curious to see if this has happened to anyone else. My profile view stats do not always remain constant as the weeks go by. For example, one week it said I had 7 views. That week remained at 7 for a couple weeks, then all of a sudden I got 7 views again, but the previous week that had originally said 7 changed to 12. I thought maybe I remembered wrong, but it's happened a second time - number of views changing a couple weeks after they were initially in place.


It's not a big deal, I was just curious to find out if there was a bug in this section.

Community Leader
Konstantinos X Member Since: Sep 8, 2015
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At least you got views, mine is ZERO for a couple of consecutive weeks now.  

Community Guru
Amy T Member Since: Jan 31, 2013
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You're not the only one. Mine are ever changing.

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Ela K Member Since: Feb 9, 2015
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Yeah, it's a moving target and the time frames change (are calculated afresh) every day.


It will always display an average for the past week(s), calculated as of today.


Does that make sense?

I am not a native English speaker, so please forgive me if my explanation sounds odd.

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Community Guru
Lisa W Member Since: Nov 14, 2015
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Ela, yes, that does make sense! I had assumed the dates were solid and it kept track of actual weeks. It seems like it would be more helpful that way so I could see a solid progression from week to week, but it's nice to understand how it works, thank you!

Community Guru
Miroslav M Member Since: Jan 21, 2016
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would also like to know which kind of profile views counts, is it general views from any computer on the Internet, views performed by Upwork users or only views made by those registered as clients? E.g. if someone of you here on the forum looks up my profile, dos that also count in these stats, or it's just clients?

Active Member
Sarma M Member Since: May 25, 2016
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Hi Lisa,

If I understood your original question correctly, the same range of dates comprising a week is showing varying number of views, as the time is passing by. The average for previous weeks can vary becuase the dates a particular week comprises of keeps on changing and thereby the average. It was not clear to me how the solution provided ansered your question. I too admit "it is not a big deal "; but it is worthwhile confrirming if the question is understood and answered properly. These interactions are education for other members too !

Community Guru
Miroslav M Member Since: Jan 21, 2016
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I just discovered that the number of Profile Views I received has dramatically increased since the beginning of this month. I did nothing to influence that, I haven't been massively bidding, and I don't see any effect on my interview and hire rates so far.


I believe Upwork changed their criteria on what counts as a Profile View in the stats.