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Profile visibility set to private

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Jason A Member Since: Jul 28, 2017
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During a period where I was working on a lengthy contract my profile visibility was set to private by yourselves, can this please be reset back to public because I am still actively using UpWork as a platform for working with both new and recurring clients, my most recent contract starting less than a week ago on the 18th October.


I should also note that the contract that I was working on prior to this one when my profile was set to private, was one that came about from an invitation after a client was able to find my profile so this really is something that is potentially loosing me buisiness.




Community Guru
Pat M Member Since: Jun 18, 2016
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Jason, this "Help and Support" link should be of assistance to you:


For whatever it's worth many of we Freelancers do not totally agree with this newer policy.  If you search within this "Community," you'll learn much more and gain many more insights regarding the subject. 

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Jacqueline P Member Since: Dec 28, 2015
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That happened to me too, working on a long project and no payment to me within 30 days of the last one, which is what triggers it. 


I was relieved to find I could pay the $10 to have my profile restored to visible, that's the upgrade to the paid rather than free membership. Came to the conclusion it's a way for Upwork to make some money off you if they don't from collecting their percentage on a job that month. So that's one immediate solution and you'll be public again.


But in the long run they get more if they don't do this. For one thing, it makes me go for shorter, lower paid jobs just to have something in the period, and overall that strategy works against justifying a higher rate. And also that takes time away from working on the more extensive projects, which have been the most lucrative for me, generally speaking.

Lena E Moderator Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Hi Jason,


Your profile has been reset to public.

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Jason A Member Since: Jul 28, 2017
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Thanks, it is very much appreciated.

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Muhammad R Member Since: Nov 17, 2018
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I am also in same condition working on long project and today UpWork changed my profile to Private. 

Can you please set my profile to public? thanks 

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Muhammad, 


I've set your profile to public as requested. If your profile is set to private again after 30-days, or sometime in the future, check out the options listed in the email notification or in the pop up on Find Work page to set it back to public.

~ Avery