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Project Catalog, Consultations vs Job Posts, share your success stories!

Are you still making most of your income through applying to custom jobs posted by clients or have you been able to package your services into products? Upwork now has the project catalog and consultations, competitor marketplaces have been focusing on productized services from day one as well.


* Have you been able to find repeatable packaged services in your area?

* Are people whom you have no prior engagement with, randomly purchasing those?

* Did packaged services make up significant percentage of your income? 


Looking forward to hear different success stories!

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The top of my funnel is a 60 minute $200 Marketing and Sales Consultation.


Some of the Consultation  clients then purchase a $4,000 to $10,000 Project.


Most of my income is via Invites, Consultation Invites and LinkedIn traffic to Upwork.

When you say top of your funnel, are people discovering your profile and consultation all by themselves? Are you SEO'ing  your consultation? Promoting it through paid ads? I'm trying to understand how this all works (especially for people in the software development space)

Yes, clients are discovering my Profile by themselves and sending me an Invite or a Consultation question or directly signing up for the Consultation.


The Consultation isn't SEOed and no paid ads.


P.S. - You are at a disadvantage because your Profile doesn't follow best practices that I have posted.

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