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Project Catalog project canceled

Hi, on Friday, 21 January, I received 2 orders from the same client to submit and market their music. My services entails a detailed report and updates. As I've completed and submitted to one milestone (Bearing in mind I am 90% done with the 2nd one) I get an email saying these projects have been suspended, but no need to make contact as they will resolve it. I then messaged Aaron (the client) to ask if he knows why the suspension happened and to no surpise, no response.


From what I've read... When a suspension happens, the issue lies with the clients payment method? Hence the contract was first suspended and then cancelled by Upwork


Now it just says canceled and refunded. No $$ refelecting in my overview. I'm a seasoned freelancer on Upwork and never ever had this experience. This is also my first order on a project catalog. I also can't seem to send any dispute or make contact with Upwork.


I received no email or communication. $1185 that I've worked so hard for, dedicating 4 days of grinding hard to have things happen like this. I feel like I've been scammed! 😞

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jodi,


I’m sorry to hear your contracts were suspended. While we won’t be able to share more information about your specific case here in the Community, our team will reach out to you directly with more information once they complete the investigation.


Thank you!

~ Bojan

Thank you so much for your response, I appreciate it and I do hope it gets
resolved as soon as possible. Kind regards
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