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Project cannot be purchased yet?


I recently discovered Upwork Projects and have created a couple of projects. Upon approval, I saw this error that says "Sorry, this project cannot be purchased yet".  I thought I should just wait for a couple of days but it's been 3 days now and the project is still unpurchasable. 

How do I solve this so I can start my journey here?

Thanks and best regards,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ezekiel, 

You submitted two projects for review, and one has already been approved, while the other has been rejected. Could you please confirm which project you are referring to? 

~ Avery

Thank you for your reply. The approved project is the one I am referring to.

Hi Ezekiel, 

The team looked into this further and it looks like you're an exclusive agency freelancer. Please edit the project, and choose your agency as the billing account.

~ Avery
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