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Project in Progress--Client Not Responding?

It's been 2 weeks since I've heard from client. Have sent him a message reminding him we have an open project. I've worked about 8 of the 10 hours approved. Did not get any response after I delivered requested revisons for Round 2 (copywriting). This hasn't happened to me on Upwork before. What are next steps assuming I hear nothing from him next week? Thanks for your feedback and help. 

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Well, that happens. Clients sometimes decide to go on a vacation to Farlandia and there's nothing we can do.


As a matter of fact, I'm in a similar boat right now. 

By sending a kind reminder is really the best that you could have done. I would suggest to forget about this client and move on with other projects.

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Hi Aimee, Once you finished the work required from you and submitted it, nothing else needs to be done on your side after sending a polite reminder. All you need to do now is to act like this job is closed, till you hear again from that client whenever he is ready.


Wish you the best of luck.


I do the task.

I click the Submit button.


That's it.

No messages. No reminders. If the client does nothing, then I get paid automatically.



I work on the assigned task.

I send messages at least once per day that I work, telling client what has been done.

It does not matter if client replies. That is her choice.

Some clients reply. Some do not.

I get paid automatically.

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