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Project needing 100 freelancers, legit?

I have recently noticed a number of projects where a client wants at least 100 freelancers. Similar project pop up in various countries. Are these legit? I have no interest in them but am just curious.

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Client able to hire 100 FLs, it is allowed. For example for some survey.

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Hey there! I'm Arqam and I'm excited that you're curious about the freelance world.


So, on Upwork, there are all sorts of projects that require a bunch of freelancers. Some are legit, while others may be scams or not up to par. It really depends on the project itself, the client's reputation, and the payment terms.


Let me give you some examples of legit projects that need a hundred freelancers:

- You've got data entry, transcription, or translation gigs that involve processing a ton of content quickly and accurately.

- Then, there are design, development, or testing projects that need a diverse range of skills and perspectives.

- And don't forget about marketing, research, or consulting projects that need to reach a wide audience or provide tailored solutions for different clients.


But hey, there are some projects that need a hundred freelancers that might raise some red flags. Watch out for:

- Projects offering super low rates, unrealistic deadlines, or vague requirements.

- Projects asking for personal or financial info, upfront payment, or free samples. Not cool.

- And keep an eye out for projects with negative reviews, complaints, or disputes from previous freelancers or clients.


To avoid scams or wasting your time, here are some tips:

- Check out the client's profile, feedback, and history on Upwork. Look for verified payment methods and positive ratings.

- Read the project description carefully and ask questions if anything's unclear. Be on the lookout for clear expectations and realistic scope.

- Compare the project's budget, timeline, and deliverables with market rates and standards. Avoid projects that offer too little or too much for the work involved.

- And always use Upwork's platform to communicate, collaborate, and get paid. Follow their terms of service and policies. And if you spot anything suspicious or fraudulent, report it to their support team.


I hope this gives you a better understanding of projects that need a hundred freelancers on Upwork. If you've got any more questions, just let me know.

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