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Project potentially being help up by another developer that's outside the project scope

My client who I am currently working for is now hiring another developer who could potentially hold up the current project I'm working on. There was a task where I had to implement a function within the project that the client assumed would work a certain way. This function had limitations to where now they are now somewhat forced to hire another developer to customize the function to work exactly how the clients wants it to function. The customization falls out of the scope of my contract with him. My question is can I demand that he pays for the remaining balance of the project so I don't have to wait for the other developer to finish his work? Do you guys have any recommendations for my situation?



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Unfortunately not.  You are held under the contract until the client signs off.  I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to ask but also understand that the client is under no obligation to pay you until the original contract is fully satisfied.

Thanks, Mike for the response. If the original contract or the milestone set forth within the contract has been fully satisified do you know if I have any steps I can take to close out the contract or milestone and move on to another one?

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Have you completed all of the work you'll do on this milestone, or will you be going back to work when the other developer is done?


If you've done your whole job and have clicked on the "submit work/request payment" button, the funds will automatically be released in 14 days unless the client takes action to stop that process.


If you haven't finished the work, you can't expect to be paid in full, but could request a pro-rated payment to cover the work you've done.

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I've completed all the work for the milestone. 


Ok. I'll go ahead and do that. 


Thanks Tiffany for the assistance.

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