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Projects under design & creative category and my stats

hi all,

off lately i am noticing that i am seeing less of relevant projects under design & creative category and i can see lot of video editing projects under it.


and above can it be made complusary for a client to verify his payment methos before posting project please? lot of unverfied clients are posting projects as well?


and finally about the stats i reallly find it suprising that under my proposals it says out of 288 proposals only 77 viewed in last 90 days


Hi Rahul,


Since Video Editing is under Design & Creative category, those jobs would appear by design when running a search for that category. You could try configuring your job feed and saving searches with certain keywords or excluding certain keyword.


Feel free to check out this help article and this one too for more information on how you can perform searches, save them to your feed and improve the results you see.


I'm not aware of any plans to require clients to verify their payment method. If there are any changes in this area, we'll definitely announce it to the Community. Meanwhile, there is a filter in the job search that allows to filter out any jobs posted by clients whose payment method isn't verified.


Unfortunately, we're not privy to why clients may click on some proposals and not others. However, you could consider adjusting your proposal strategy to see if you get different results.

~ Nikola
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