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Promo Code, connects to buy, free connects

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😂😂 got it
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Preston H wrote:

For example, a party that you were not invited to.

Straight SAVAGE! Smiley LOL Smiley LOL

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How to get promo code?

I'm just kidding. This thread is hilarious.

I do agree though that charging the unemployed for connects on top of the 20% fee is a bit ridiculous. The previous model with 60 free connects per month was much more viable for freelancers and also more rewarding for Upwork. More job contracts = more 20% fees for you guys.

Paywalling it leads to less jobs for those who need them the most. The ones who were already doing fine will be unaffected. The ones who will pay for connects are those who are desperate. Is milking the poor really what you guys wanna do?

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re: "Paywalling it leads to less jobs for those who need them the most."


It is not Upwork's goal to provide jobs for those who need them the most.


Upwork provides a service to clients who hire freelancers. Upwork instituted paid connects in an effort to improve the client experience by exposing clients to fewer but more thoughtful job proposals.


My personal preference would be that connects remain free. So I agree with your sentiments. But I understand why Upwork made the change and I don't expect them to change back in the foreseeable future.

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Even**Edited for Community Guidelines** lower commissions than UpWork. Odesk's 10 % was alright... plus they charge another dollar for transferring the money to my local bank account (so what was the 20% for.. ha ha ha) at lower than market exchange rates... ... Now I have to pay for connects ... well.. it is actually upworks loss.. I brought in nearly 8 clients to Upwork during ODesk days ... but stopped after I realised UpWork is interested in nothing but make as much money from you as possible .... well... looks like they are not going to last long... now they are offering us to bring clients in and they will not charge us a fee ... can you believe that?  ... Though would expose me to competition .. and clients will naturally go for cheaper freelancers.. and they get their 20% and I lose a client ... I mean rationally they should at least offer the introducer a commision for every job that the client engages on Upwork, even if it was to be with another freelancer... I have lost faith in UpWork actually ... everything that they give me ... places them at a vantage point   

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how can buy fee connects

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re: "How can I buy free connects?"



You can read about how to buy connects here:

Use Connects


Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 10.04.46 PM.png

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Daniyal, 

We do not have free Connects or promo codes to offer at the moment. We do send out promo codes via email, at events, and through different partnerships. If you want to receive marketing emails from us, you can submit this form and we’ll add you to the list! You can always unsubscribe at any time. 


You may read more about Connects here.