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Proposal Attachment Order

When I review proposals that I've previously submitted all of the attachments that were uploaded as part of my proposal are listed in what looks to be some arbitrary order. When I submit a proposal there's a reason that I upload my attachments in a specific order - This is the order that I want the client to see/review the attachments. The uploading order is  prioritized to impress the client. If I upload 10 attachments I don't want the client to be seeing the much less important attachments first. If this is the case it will dramatically reduce the chances of the client continuing to review the proposal thereby dramatically lessening my chances of getting the project in the first place. I have no idea if the client is seeing the attachments in the same order as I'm now seeing them in the list of proposals that have already been submitted, in the order that I actually uploaded them, or in some other arbitrary order. I'd like some clarity on how this actually works. If the client is indeed NOT seeing the attachments in the same order that I'm uploading them this needs to be fixed.

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I understand your concern about the order of attachments in your proposals. The attachments are displayed in the order they were uploaded, and it's important for you to prioritize their sequence. To ensure that clients see the attachments in the intended order, consider naming the files with numbers or labels to maintain the desired sequence, and mention this in your proposal's cover letter. This way, you can guide clients to review the attachments in the preferred order, which can make a significant impact on their understanding and decision-making process.

Thank you for your response. If it is indeed true that clients see uploaded attachments in the same order that they were uploaded, why when I review submitted proposals do I see them listed in an arbitrary order? They are not listed in the order uploaded nor are they listed in any sort of alphanumeric order. If the order that I see them is arbitrary it doesn't give me much confidence that clients aren't seeing them in a similarly erratic order. 

Regarding your suggestion of renaming the files into the desired viewing order for the client, if I'm submitting 20 proposals and each proposal requires a completely different set of files off of my hard drive being submitted, it's completely unrealistic to expect me to rename 200 files (20 proposals X 10 attachments each) so that they correctly show up in a specific order. 

Can someone answer my question above on why I don't see the attachments for a proposal in the order that I've uploaded them but supposedly potential clients do? This makes no sense. Why would different routines be used to display the order of attachments?  As mentioned I have no confidence that clients are seeing attachments in the order that they're uploaded if the order that im seeing them (when viewing submitted proposals) is arbitrary and not even alphanumeric. 

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Upwork typically displayed the attachments in the order in which you uploaded them within your proposal. This was done to ensure that clients see your attachments in the same order you intended.

However, Upwork's platform and features may have evolved or changed since then. If you're experiencing issues where the order of your uploaded attachments is not displayed as intended, I recommend contacting Upwork's customer support for clarification. They can provide you with the most current information on how attachments are presented to clients and whether there have been any recent changes or issues that may be affecting the order.

Upwork's support team can provide you with specific and up-to-date guidance on this matter and address any concerns or issues you may have with the order of attachments in your proposals. They can also offer assistance in ensuring your proposals are presented in the way you intended to potential clients.

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