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[Proposal] Suspend/unpublish job posts flagged at least 3 times

Dear Upwork team, during the last month the quality and legitimacy of jobs posted on Upwork have decreased significantly. Up to 50-75% of offers shown on every single page are scams. The feed is literally full of rubbish and this does not convey a professional feeling.


As it appears Upwork does not have the situation under control (sorry, but that's how I feel and likely many other freelancers), here is my proposal to give us the chance to do something.


I would propose to implement a feature automatically suspending/unpublishing job offers that have been flagged by at least 3 times (5? more? less? your call). Then it will be Upwork's task to check them. At least we could get rid of evident scams by ourselves, rather than waiting for hours or days to see them removed.



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