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Proposal form asking for "wallet address for ETH/BSC/SOL"


I received a message from a client of ajob offer that asks to complete a form. In the form there they are asking for "wallet address for ETH/BSC/SOL". Is this a scam?

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If for payments, than it could be, as payment from Upwork is most secure and safe.

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It's scam, run away.


Upwork doesn't approve digital currency.


Filling forms, having conversations outside the platform and taking payments outside the platform are against Terms of Service.


You need a proper Upwork offer and contract if you don't want to give away free work.


Search for scams in the forum and you'll find this wallet scam.

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Just to confirm everything Rekha stated: this is a scam. Upwork doesn't use cryptocurrency for client/freelancer payments.


This scammer is asking for a crypto wallet address in an attempt to steal cryptocurrency from anyone willing to give them their address.

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Thanks all. Nex time I'll report it!

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