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Re: Bug

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Adham K Member Since: Jul 20, 2018
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Hi all. I hope you are all fine.

Well, I submitted a proposal 30 minutes ago, but it's not shown in my proposal list or my archieved propsal list, and it's not even showning that connects have been deducted on my "Conncects History" list. Although when I open the job page I see that I've submitted a propsal and it's showing "view proposal" link in it, and when I click on "view proposal" I see my proposal but without "withdraw proposal" button at the end of it.

Anyone got this kind of bug before? Any Solution? Thanks.

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Jay A Member Since: Mar 31, 2018
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I've often wondered when I look at my proposals page thinking, I swear I submitted more proposals yesterday, this week, etc.


Well now I am seeing first hand that evidently some of my proposals are never getting through.  Forget that I paid for the connects, I'm more concerned about missing out on jobs, as I am a full-time freelancer who is top-rated but my awarded contracts have dropped off significantly After getting top rated status a couple of weeks ago (first new job in weeks inked yesterday), which I expected the opposite, for them to increase upon gaining top rated status.  And worse I may lose my top rated as I'm not adding jobs and I have a few non-responsive past clients not closing their jobs so suddenly my JSS score dropped hugely down to 94% without a single job closing in months, yikes!  So this could be a very painful bug for me, if so.


The scenario is I submitted a proposal earlier in the day.  I went to my proposals to look at the job ad to see what the client has been doing with it, as it is a rush job for today same day deadline, and the proposal is not in the list.  Though the job feed says I applied for it.  So for kicks I tried applying to it again, it took my connects again and the 2nd proposal.  Then I realized I meant to offer a bit of a discount from my standard rate, so I went to revise the bid, and it is still not in my proposals.


So I thought well maybe there is a standard delay.


But no, I just submitted another proposal for a different job and it showed on my proposals list immediately.


Is there some bug that is not putting many of my proposals through?  I take this very seriously, as I mentioned, this is my primary income and until very recently it has been more than enough to pay my bills, but now I'm wondering if I have minimal new work because of a bug or some other event blocking my proposals.


Is there a software accounting system in place to verify that the number of propals submitted equals the number of proposals received by clients?



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Brook A Member Since: Jul 26, 2018
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I also faced same issue. After submission, even after confirmation that I submitted, I found out the proposal is not submitted. One job is already over. Even though the other is still open , I didn't save the proposal so I have to write and submit again. It happened for the second time today. Upwork is frustrating sometimes.
Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Brook and Jay,


I'm sorry to know that this has inconvenienced you in any way. Our team will get back to you shortly and assist you further.

~ Bojan
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Pradesh K Member Since: Jul 30, 2018
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Submitted Proposals shows 0 even after submitting a proposal successfully. 

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Pradesh, Aaron, Jonathan and others,


We are currently investigating the issue many of you are experiencing when submitting proposals. Could you please confirm if you experience the same issue in different browsers?


Thank you!

~ Valeria
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Aaron R Member Since: Jul 5, 2018
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still an issue.   Just now noticed the job posting states I did submit a proposal.  However, my proposal page doesn't reflect the posting as submitted.  I hope the proposal did in fact go to the client ??  


I may have hit submit several times so I lost several connect points.  And, the client may have several proposals now.


I would like to see a feature that sends a message to you that the client received your proposal and opened it.  Sort of like when you send an email and you receive notification the person opened it.  That would help to make sure proposals are getting through and clients are in fact opening them up.



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Shopon K Member Since: May 25, 2018
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I submitted a proposal for the job, but I can not see the submission of the proposal and no connect is being cut.

Please help me.


Thank You,

Shopon kumar.

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Aaron R Member Since: Jul 5, 2018
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 I have the same issue - help ? UPWORK

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Aaron R Member Since: Jul 5, 2018
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Can't submit proposals - after I submit the form it just goes back to the proposal page and doesn't submit the form.