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Proposal submission

Hi, I have a question about proposal submission.


So, let me give you an example. I like to submit a proposal but I prefer the client to receive it with my general profile details instead of my specialized profile. So, I disabled the specialized profile when submitting.


Then, for the next proposal, I want the other client to receive and read my specialized profile. So, I send the submission with my specialized profile turn on.


My question is - after I reactivated my specialized profile, will the first client as in the example above will be reading my general profile or the specialized profile?


Does the question make sense? Hope to get someone to answer this question. Thanks!

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Hi good day, Antun,


I saw your reply and I do not get what are you trying to say. The answer to my question should be a yes or a no with a bit of explanation.




Hi Douglas,

Sorry about the confusion. There was another (spam) message which is deleted.
I replied to that, not to your issue.

Not sure why moderators haven't deleted my message also.

Hi Douglas and Antun,


I`m sorry about the confusion. I thought that I removed Antun post as well but that was not the case. Now everything is edited accordingly, thank you.

~ Goran

Hi Goran and Antun,






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