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Protect your freelancers !

It's not a question it's a complaint.

I worked as a translator in the past then stopped because the rate per word become so low that it wasn't interesting any more.
I work now as a Customer Support.
In 1 year the rate per hour went from 15$ to now 3-4$ per hour. And you let this happen ? You should protect your freelancers, these companies are killing all the freelance jobs 1 by 1.
On many websites, these companies are now kicked out and exposed on facebook groups...
You made changes to your website and it's not free any more. Don't only think short term strategy. Soon it will be on every social media "if you are looking for **Edited for Community Guidelines**, upwork is the best platform for you"
How can you live with 3-4$ per hour ? Even me in Thailand it's impossible. Or we all should move to ethiopia, sahel, pakistan...
Or work 20h per day ? 
Wake up guys !!!

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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