Public profile - initial job showing ...

Hi - Happy New Year everyone ...


When I joined back in October, I did a quick, cheap $5 job to test the waters and get a 5 star up on the page. I've come on a bit since then, but, when I looked at my public profile page it still shows only that old $5 job listed.


Although there are options to see "highest ranked" and so on I can't seem to change it (even when I'm logged in).


Obviously, when a potential client is looking at the profile a $5 job doesn't really show one in one's best light, so, does anyone know how I could alter the default job that turns up and display a more "useful" one?


I've looked through settings, and so on, but can't see anything obvious to change the listing.


Many thanks


Gary Cooper


You can't - the only thing you could do to make that job "go away" would be to refund it.


Chances are that the jobs you can't see on your public profile were set by the clients (at the time they posted their job postings) as being visible to Upwork users only, so the contracts that resulted from those job postings wont show to people who are not logged in.


Usually prospective clients are looking at profiles while logged into Upwork so it should not affect you except when trying to get non Upwork clients to see your history.

OK - understood - thanks a lot