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Publishing the video tutorials before the merger

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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I brought up something similar to what if about the spam jobs or all the jobs that no one is  hired for in a thread back in April.


Oh and if you got a message from someone saying they were going to kill themselves there was another thread.


Some may think get a life, but not everyone handles losing their only income very well. Whether they should be telling a stranger this. Well that is another story, but many people have committed suicide when they are depressed and no jobs and no security.


Google suicide and income or job loss. It is not something people should casually go oh get a life ... It is a hard fact that when people have no income and become depressed that suicide increases. Look at statistics furing 2012. They were higher then the great depression was on people who took their lives cause they couldn't find jobs.