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Putting Combined Working Hours oDesk and Elance

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As oDesk and Elance has merge, can I add into my oDesk profile, my total working hours at both platforms ? Example, adding "I have more than 100 hours combined working experience at both and" into my profile. Thank you.
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No reply so far. I'll assume the answer is "no problem, go ahead". I'll go ahead with this approach. If oDesk suspended my account, then I'll send them this link, that I have publicly ask this question. Regards
I don't believe that oDesk will suspend your account since you write something that is true and part of your resume.
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Hi Albert, At this point, oDesk and Elance user information is managed separately. Please continue to use both marketplaces separately as you did earlier. Hope this helps!
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Actually, this doesn't really answer his question. He wants to know if he can mention it on his profile. Honestly, I don't think there is anything wrong with mentioning eLance accomplishments on an oDesk profile and vise versa. Restricting that would kinda be like McDonalds telling their applicants that they don't want to hear about their experience working at Burger King. Of course they do!
I fully understand that user information is managed separately, including working hours. My question is, can I explicitly write a sentence "100 hours working experience at and" in my profile. In the past, obviously this was not possible/violate TOS mentioning a competitor's name. Now it should be possible, but would like confirmation/permission from oDesk. Regards.