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Query: Active Candidacy

Hi!  I would like to request assistance please. I am new to Upwork.  I want to know when should I be starting the job being asked by the client. We have agreed on the terms at the message portion. Then I immediately started and finished the job. I also notified him but seems to ignore my messages. 


I was wondering if I should have waited for something or how should this be done? PLease help!  Thanks!




Oh dear. 


Did you click on an "accept the job" button? Answer is probably no.


Anyway, before you start working, it's best you have what we call a contract. Before a contract appears on your profile an offer must be made by the client. My guess is the client interviewed you and took advantage of you being a newbie.


Move on, let go, but most of all learn from it.


Good luck.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Monica Marie,


Please note that captcha entry jobs are not permitted on Upwork and I have reported the client you communicated with. Please report those kind of postings by using the "Flag as inappropriate" link or directly to our team.


I see you worked on two jobs without a contract. If you go to Find Work > Proposals you will be able to check whether any of your proposals were accepted. Proposals you see in the "Active Candidacies" section have been accepted and the client would like to discuss the job further or have an interview with you.

Note, however, that the client would have to make an offer and you would need to accept it in order to have an active contract and start working. Don't start working without an active contract which would show in your "My Jobs" tab.


Before submitting any new proposals, I strongly advise you to read the Help articles from the Getting Started as a Freelancer section and our Freelancer' Guide. To help you work safely on Upwork, please have a look at tips and warning signs Lena shared in this thread.

~ Vladimir