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Query to get a first job with my few question.

Hello there greetings,


I have a question that i am new on upwork but i have lots of experience in my skills. I do almost every necessary formality to get a first job e.g. a good profile photo, portfolio, profile 100% complete etc even i submit a good proposal but why still i didn't get any response from any client. Please guide me how to get my first job.


And yes i am afraid of account suspension as i listened that it can be suspended if i submit excessive proposal. How many proposal i can send as a newbie.


Clear my all point please.

also have a look to my profile if it is okey or incomplete?


looking forward


Thank you.

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Maneesh - First of all, in your niche I think you are competing with probably thousands of others. Second, for your profile, forget the salutation and forget about telling everyone what a wonderful person you are. That you might be but on Upwork all that matters is what you can do for a potential client.

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