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Hi I am freelancer on odesk.I really need to know to that why my application always being declined by client.Is there any issue in my profile or i am blocked or something else.I have been trying to get the job on odesk for 3 months.But i donot know is it my unfortunate or something else that stops me to get the job.Please i really need your help.My friends started doing bids with me they have been worked with five to six jobs and i am in zero still. I am really frustrated .Please help me Thanks, Gagandeep Singh

Hello Gagandeep, Your overview looks pretty good. Sometimes it takes time to get that first project. Stick with your skills and don't budge on your hourly rate. That can come back to bite you in the you know what. 🙂 My advice to you would be tailor your cover letters to each project. Copy and paste cover letters really annoy clients. You don't have to be the first IC responding to a project to land it. It does take time. Have patience and soon you will be getting clients.
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thanks for your advice but i do not know how i could get the attentions of clients
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