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Question: Upwork Time Tracker

Hey, Upwork Community!

I hope you are all doing well. I have a question about the Upwork Time Tracker. If I'm working on an hourly contract, we'll track the time, but if I have a contract that requires us to first understand the prior code of the client's product before continuing to work on it, do we enter that time in the time tracker? And, for example, if I'm planning or researching to develop the entire roadmap for the client's product, should we cover that research period as well in the Time Tracker?

Thank You for your reading and your kind answers!


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That is a good question as I am new to upwork and I hope someone will shed some light on this matter. However, in my opinion as long as the window is open and the system picks up that you are working, it should record. I may be incorrect, but I saw an article that addressed it in this manner.

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