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Question about JSS

I would like to know, does open contracts affects my JSS?

I have six open contracts which I've got paid and it was sucessfully completed, but the clients kept the contracts open.
I've readed here that inactive contracts do not affect  JSS at all unless nothing was ever paid... but all my public feedback are 5 stars and my JSS dropped from 100% to 96%, so may I think it's because of open contracts?

What should I do in this case?

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Even if inactive but paid contracts do not negatively affect JSS, if the clients would likely leave good feedback, it's a good idea to get one of them to close a contract at a time like this, to lift your JSS back up. I usually start with the oldest.

@kelly B, so if inactive paid contracts doesn't affet my JSS, Why my jss dropped drom 100% to 96%?
All my previous clients gave me five stars. I don't see other reason why it would drop.

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