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Question about Platinum status for clients

Does anyone know what the criteria is for such? I am just curious because I stumbled across a job post from a client who is "Platinum" status however, it shows that they have 0% hire rate, payment method not verified, have only been a member for a few months and only 1 open job.


How can this be? Is it a glitch?


Inquiring minds want to know!


How can this be? Is it a glitch?




To look from system prospective how it works today there is almost zero chnance to say with high probabily what is a glitch and what is not.


I have situation nearly similar to yours - got an invitation but not sure is it for real or not. Just in case replied and decided simply to wait.


Hi Amy,


If you see a platinum tier client without a job history that means the account is associated with one of our top clients, but they may have recently opened a new account. This is not a glitch, of our platinum badged clients there are a handful that have created new accounts that have yet to accumulate a history, these account for less than 1% of the platinum badges.