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Question about a sketchy client...

I recently received an offer for a job I submitted a proposal for. The client wishes for someone to help them create two Gmail accounts and one LinkedIn account where the information for each account was supplied to me via .xlsx and .docx files which I have yet to open but scanned with virustotal (both files  seemingly clean).


However, I am still super suspicious as to why they specifically need a U.S. citizen to create Gmail and LinkedIn accounts for them. Especially when their profile shows that they like in the U.S... 


And to top it all off, they specifically asked for me to create these accounts without a proxy...

I am planning on reporting this to UpWork to check with them as well, but I'm hoping someone here can also provide some feedback on if there is any legitimate reason why someone would need someone specifically from the US to create a Gmail and LinkedIn account for them as I am almost certain that they are trying to pull some sort of scam or use the Gmail/LinkedIn for nefarious purposes...

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If you have any doubts, talk to them, tell them to be clear about the requirements and reason behind it. Try to have these conversations via messages, so that, you will have a proof, in case you find it suspicious.

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Kent L wrote:

Especially when their profile shows that they like in the U.S... 

That means absolutely nothing


That "client" is no more in the US than I am

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They're very obviously up to no good. It's free to open Linked In and gmail accounts, so if they weren't doing anything wrong, they wouldn't have to hire anybody to do this for them. Flag the job as inappropriate so that Upwork can take it down before any other freelancers waste their time on it.

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