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Question about payment



I don't have much experience in getting paid on UpWork, and neither does my client. Because of this, we need help with the payment issue.
I completed one order for $30. The client seems to have approved the payment. After that, I did another small job for him for $7.50. For this, I made a request for a new milestone for $7.50.


Now I don’t quite understand, do I just have to wait for the money to come in, or does the client have to confirm something first?

Thank you in advance!


I added screenshot:



Hi Dmitry,


Thank you for reaching out to us. The client has to review the work you submitted at this point and approve the release of the payment for the milestone. 


When your client releases a milestone or final payment on a fixed-price job, it immediately shows as pending on your financial account. Pending payments become available for you to withdraw after the standard five-day security period.


You can check this article to learn more.

~ AJ

Hi Annie! Thanks for the answer!


The customer said that he had already confirmed the payment. But the money is in the "In review" section. He made a mistake and he needs to confirm something?


I added screenshots:


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