Question on getting paid when escrow is released, but my balance says $0

Hello all,


Sorry if this is a silly question, but I feel like my payment issues rise up everyone once in a while.


I just completed a project and this morning the escrow payment was released. My current balance says $0. Do I have to end the contract on my end to actually have the payment go through? I feel like it's different every time.


Thank so much for any clarification!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nicholas,


I checked and it seems that the funds you are referring to are already in the Pending section of your Reports page. This represents the standard security hold period in which funds cannot be withdrawn. Payments for fixed-price milestones (and bonuses) have a 5-day security period from the time payment is made to funds availability.


You may want to check out this help article to learn more about how the payments work.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

I was not familiar with that hold. Thank you for that info.


Am I okay to end the contract successfully?

Nicholas F wrote:

Am I okay to end the contract successfully?

Get the client to end the contract, so you can have feedback.

My client released the payment and then asked for a refund. He gave me a 3-star rating and I had to refund him in order to change the rating. Now he is saying he wants to change the rating but can not. I have enabled him. I think he is fooling me, he took the refund despited trying to deliver him what he wanted on the basis of my samples in the proposal. What should I do?

If you gave the client a complete refund, such that he ended up paying zero for the contract, then it will be impossible for the job to appear in your job history.


Did you give him a complete refund, or a partial refund?