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Question on payment method: Paypal and changing email address in Upwork

Hi there, 


I just want to ask if it is possible to change my email address/ contact info in Upwork?Because I want to change my payment method from local bank account  to Paypal. But my email address/email account in Paypal is different to my Upwork email address. Would it be okay/ is it possible to change my email address in Upwork same as my Paypal account? So that when I change my payment method in Upwork to Paypal, it is the same with my Upwork account.  Because I've read that we need to change our  email address in Upwork with the  same email we use in Paypal. Will there be no problem in doing this? 


Thank you in advance and  your response is greatly appreciated. 🙂


Best regards, 


Kathleen R. 

Community Member

Sure, Kathleen, you can change your email address anytime under Settings> Contact Info.

~ Valeria

Either that, or, even easier, just add the email you are using on Upwork to your PayPal account. In most countries you can associate up to 6 email addresses with one PayPal account.

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